We are believers!

Design your life with your own terms!


Is to share the light, knowledge and love to people who are looking for more increase into their lives in their daily lives in their relationships, business increase, financial increase, and spiritual increase

Our purpose is to unlock your potential

And give you the tools you need to deliver on your goals and lead a more fulfilling life.


Savvas Christofi

Savvas Christofi has traveled the world (57 countries so far) and his passion is to give back as much as he can back to the citizens of the world through his experience.

Christos Christofi

His passion is to share his success methods and his fulfillment way of living to other people who would like to live like this.



  • Life skills in order to have increase in financial and money

  • Attitude in daily life in his/her business and in relationship and in social life

  • Brain & thought control

  • Achieve/start any goal within 90 days with specific plan

Friday 17/9
Registration time 12.00pm-2.30pm (at the hotel venue)
  • Doors Open 2.30pm
  • Event starts SHARP at 3.00pm
  • Finishes at 11.00pm
Saturday 18/9
Sunday 19/9
  • In all days there will be enough available time for lunch (except Friday) and dinner breaks and also 15’ breaks. (Food & Drinks are not included)
  • We suggest that you bring a casual jacket (room temperature is A/C)
  • Also, we suggest bring some small snacks with you and water bottle 
  • Strongly recommended to wear flat shoes during the whole event and for Saturday sports dressing and sport shoes
  • We also recommend that you come as early as possible (before 1.00pm) in order to register on time and you have a full time experience as doors open at 2.30pm
  • All times are approximately (except the starting time) as our main focus is for participants to get the best outcome from this life time experience


Kids Academy

Our goal is to provide a safe growing environment to our children that really can empower their inner & outside skills to the maximum level.

Success doesn’t just find you. You have to go out and get it.