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Savvas Christofi

Savvas Christofi has traveled the world (59 countries so far) and his passion is to give back as much as he can back to the citizens of the world through his experience .

He has been trained from many top world class masters like Tony Robbins, Richard Bundler (father of NLP) – Savvas is graduator of NLP Practitioner and Master NLP - John Maxwell (father of Leadership) and many others.

He graduated from the Military Academy in Greece at the age 21 and he has been a 2nd Lieutenant in the GreekCypriot Army . At the age 24 he joined network marketing and he was doing it part time and by age 25 he went full time as he built with his twin brother a network of 300000+ independent representatives & customers and helped the company to reach the $1 Billion revenue in annual sales .

Since 2013 , he and his twin brother are running Believe Academy that is helping people to find their inner true self and move forward in any aspect of life they would love to .

In 2021 , Believe Academy expanded its activity for children 6-17 years old and is aiming to guide them to be the next leaders of Cyprus , Greece and the world in any industry they would like to . But most important to be great humans .

Savvas truly believes in true servant and spiritual leadership and that is the foundation for a better world.

Savvas is probably the best on showing the way to a person how he/she will reach the way from point A where they are to point B , the willing point that people want to reach with detailed plan by motivating them to find the resources to reach their inner highest potential .


Christos Christofi

Christos Christofi was born on 14th of November 1985.

His passion is to share his success methods and his fulfillment way of living to other people who would like to live like this.

He’s a graduator of top world trainings from world class masters like Tony Robbins, Richard Bundler (Father of NLP) and many others.

He loves to travel and creating life moments with other people and his family.

He has traveled in more than 59 countries so far and he can’ t waits to share beautiful moments with the Believers.

What Christos offer is the opportunity for you to better understand yourself and your environment and enable you to confidently exercise control over both.

By virtue of the fact that you are reading this, you have already taken the first step to a transformation.

Christos is confident that after learning more about him, you will be inclined to take the second step. 

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Peer group is everything.

Whoever we surround ourselves with is who we become.

Available now the opportunity to meet Savvas who built with his leadership team an organisation more than 300000 customers and reps in his last network company and was one of the key people for the company to reach $1 billion in annual sales.

Also, Savvas with his brother Christos made personal development a way of life in many countries and helped thousands of people to be wealthy in mind, soul and pocket. 

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