Believe Give Back began operating in October 2014 after the intense desire of the founder of Believe The Future Is Now Mr. Savvas Christofi to offer back to society

Each volunteer of the group is distinguished by spontaneity, expectation of a fairer society, freedom of thought, expression and action, conscientiousness without financial or other benefit for the realization of a specific purpose.

The recipient of the action is man himself, the environment, as well as social issues.

Our Power is love! If you want to offer and meet others who have the same beliefs as you, you can contact us.

Some of the activities of the group are:

  • Tree planting in the area of Soleas
  • Free meals for migrants in Mytilene
  • Financial and labour supply at the Nicosia children’s home
  • Visits and entertainment on senior citizens ‘ roofs
  • Football and Bowling charity tournaments
  • Food and clothing collection
  • Humanitarian aid to those affected by the killing fire at Mati area Greece
  • Musical performances
  • Construction of mosaics in elementary school on the subject of diversity
  • Visits and assistance to children from the Child Oncology department at the Makarios Hospital
  • Visit and financial assistance to an animal shelter

And many other actions of love and offer ….

Believe Give Back with a lot of love and appetite has succeeded in offering hundreds of our fellow human beings, the most important love.